I just want to start right off and tell you how excited I am that you're here.

I know you came here to learn about me, but the reason I'm here is for you - so multiply my gratitude by a million dozen donuts. Thank you for allowing me a space in your life and your heart.

I'm Channing. I am, and I am not, an average woman. I've got a beautiful soul, a wild heart, a passion for writing, and a talent for loving people. I'm also human - imperfect and full of wonderful mistakes. I carry burdens and doubt myself like the best of 'em.

My story is littered with trauma, self-doubt, and suffering. Lucky for me, I am a self-taught over-comer. Through the years of exploring self-love, vulnerability, and forgiveness, I have learned to live a beautiful life.  I embrace the pain of my past and present as learning experiences and incorporate them into an experiences full of hope, joy, connection, and love.

I wrote a poem once that simply says, "God gave me a strong yellow soul with wings." When I read it, its like remembering. I want to be a light and spread love as far and wide as I can reach. With words, I can fly.

With those wings, I imagine flying to whatever corner of the world you find yourself in and giving you a huge hug. I listen to your stories and share my heart with you. We connect over vegan chocolate, belly laughs, and stories from the soul. Since the current constraints of time and space only allow me to be in one place at a time, I write. Every poem, essay, and product I create is with hopes of making the world a loving place to be.

Its my greatest dream to support and inspire women on their journey to whole-hearted living. I encourage radical self-love. I support learning and personal growth. I promote vulnerability by sharing my own personal, tender experiences. I believe I can change the world with my whole, wild heart.

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