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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

One of my favorite things about being a yoga teacher is when my friends ask for yoga advice! Since many of my friends are pregnant right now, I get a lot of requests for a list of videos and resources for free prenatal yoga classes. I've spent some time scouring the internet and YouTube for some well-taught classes to share. Here are my favorite free prenatal yoga videos I've found so far!
  1. Deb has created a few longer classes, about 30 minutes long, as well as shorter videos demonstrating poses great for a growing and glowing mama. Check them out at her site Prenatal Yoga Center Online .
  2. Katy Appleton is a teacher from the UK who has five episodes of prenatal classes for free online. She encourages the use of props and connecting with the breath, which is perfect for expecting moms. Check out episode one on YouTube!
  3. Lauren leads moms to be through a practice designed to calm the mind and strengthen the body. I really enjoyed her commentary about the benefits of the poses and her use of props. Check out her class at Be The Change Yoga on YouTube.
  4. Brigid Godwin leads moms in their third trimester through Yoga For Birth Preparation. This is a very well-thought out class that encourages you to connect to your breath, your baby, and your body's innate power to prep you for the journey of labor and delivery. Check out her cool class at Brigid Godwin on YouTube!
  5. Elle Lindquist shows moms who suffer from insomnia, restless legs syndrome, and sciatica how to get some relief through this gentle stretch routine. Check out her class, combined with relaxing music in the background, at her channel The Lindquists on YouTube.
  6. I was so excited to find a prenatal Kundalini Class! Sarah leads a hour-long class perfect for any trimester, complete with music and meditation. I can highly recommend this one. Check it out on Spirit Voyage on Youtube!
  7. Lara Dutta has a quick ten minute video complete with exercises to help moms prepare for labor. Called "keep ups", these simple exercises combined with breath, are designed to increase endurance and get rid of any fear about the birth process. I really enjoy her high energy and Indian accent. Check out her class on YouTube.
    Blissful Yoga Mama
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I'd also like to include a few yoga tips for my beautiful pregnant friends, just in case you find yourself in question of a pose or practice:
  1. If its uncomfortable or it hurts, stop it doing it. This is a time to take it easy, not to push yourself! Take a deep breath and relax, and you and your baby will get all the benefits.
  2. Anything that squishes the belly is a no go. Give your growing body plenty of room to move and breathe, especially in poses like child's pose. Take a break from doing any poses that require laying on the belly until after baby arrives.
  3. Be cautious with belly stretching. Don't participate in deep twists or back bends after the early second trimester. While not forbidden, these poses are not encouraged for pregnant women, especially not beginners. Your belly is already doing plenty of stretching on its own!
  4. No head or hand stands to reduce the risks of falling.
  5. Breathe! Always make sure to keep a steady rhythm of breathing. Holding your breath increases your heart rate, in turn raising baby's also. It is better for you both to be calm, relaxed, and oxygenated.
I hope this helps, fellow mamas! If you get the chance, sign up for a prenatal class close to you. Online videos are great, but nothing compares to an in-person class. It may not be free, but the benefits to you physically, emotionally, and spiritually will be priceless. Smiles will shine, friends will be made, and peace will be found. Good luck on your yoga journey!
Have any questions or suggestions for free prenatal yoga classes you've found? I'd love to hear about them! Share in the comments.

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