Intuitive Motherhood

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Intuitive motherhood - it sounds mystical but I'm here to tell you that its a real thing. Not only that, but its a powerful way to parent.

What does it mean to be an intuitive mother?
All mothers have an inner voice inside them. This voice is the one that whispers guidance, wisdom, and occasionally warnings. This is the the feeling that tells you maybe your baby is not getting enough to eat at the breast. The voice that whispers "Something isn't right." when your daughter walks in from school and beelines to her bedroom. The feeling of just knowing something, like "I wonder if he's acting out because he needs quality time." Maybe you can see how pieces of a situation fit together to see the bigger picture. Maybe you can tell when someone is being truthful. All of these are ways that your inner voice might speak to you.

All mothers have this voice, but an intuitive mother relies on it. Her intuition is a tool she uses regularly. When she comes across a new situation or a problem presents itself, she consults her intuitive voice to feel things out.

Do all moms have intuition?
Yes. Everyone has intuition, however; not all moms feel it in the same way or at the same intensity. It varies widely. Some women rely on facts and logic and are very good at piecing experiences and thoughts together. These moms are the ones who can poke holes in any story to see if it stands up to testing. Some women have a weird sixth sense and just know stuff.

But I believe learning to use it is less like a gift than it is like learning any new skill - its something that you can learn and develop, not something you're simply born with.

Imagine that you are just learning to shoot a bow and arrow. When you pick up the bow for the first time, it probably feels kind of awkward. On your first attempts, the arrows probably don't even hit the target. But the next time you come, you know how to hold the bow. You know how to hold the arrow. Each time you show up to try again, it gets easier, until one day it feels natural. You don't have to try so hard. It becomes effortless. The more you practice, the better and more accurate you will be.

How do I know if I am an intuitive mother?
I think there is a spectrum, not type, of intuitive mothers. Some moms have a very low functioning intuition. These moms are the ones who either cannot hear or repeatedly ignore their inner voice. These moms may harbor addictions to drugs or alcohol, have an untreated mental illness, or suffer from abuse (past or current). They function at a very basic level and their intuitive functions are inhibited or repressed.

If you have ever found yourself confused by expert advice, frustrated from trying to implement various parenting techniques and tricks, or completely overwhelmed from trying to mother in a "style" that doesn't feel quite right, you are likely lightly intuitive. You know when something just isn't right with you or your kids. But you might not have the time, skills, practice, or experience to figure out exactly what it is. I want to add too that its normal to be lightly intuitive as a new mom (and I mean, new mom every time, with every child).

Lastly, there is the highly intuitive mother. If you are familiar with your inner voice, can recognize when it is speaking to you, and feel comfortable acknowledging and acting on it, you are likely a highly intuitive mother.

Keep in mind that your location on the intuition spectrum is not fixed - its a fluid thing and can change with choices, practice, or neglect.

Is an intuitive mother a perfect mom?
Well, its all relative!

An intuitive mom is "tuned in" well enough to recognize a need in her family and resourceful enough to figure out how to meet that need.

It doesn't mean you won't make mistakes, that things will always work out perfectly, or even that you'll know exactly how to fix everything. In fact, making mistakes and having things go wrong can be a good thing because it gives you experience and an opportunity to learn.

But if being an intuitive mom means that you are paying attention to your family's needs and are actively trying to meet those needs in the best way you can, then, uh, YEAH - that sounds like a pretty perfect mom to me!

How does being an intuitive mother help me?
Well, prepare for a pep-talk cause I'm about to blow your mama mind.

  1. Intuitive moms have a strong sense of self - they know who they are and what kind of parent they are. They are not easily swayed by trendy parenting solutions and advice.
  2. Because of this strong sense of self, intuitive moms are confident. They don't wonder or worry if they are doing a good job as a mom - they already know it.
  3. When you are confident, you don't need validation from others. When people give their dissenting or offensive opinions on your parenting decisions, they just don't affect you. 'Cause you're awesome. And you know it. *hair toss*
  4. Since you don't require validation from others, you are freed from the obligation to please people outside your family unit with your parenting choices. 
  5. Because you are free from all the distraction and noise from outsiders trying to give well meaning (or not) advice and opinions, you can focus on your high-priority relationships - giving them the time, attention, and routine care they require.
  6. When high-priority relationships are properly maintained, you feel a sense of deep connection with the people who love you.
  7. Connection inspires a sense of purpose. You no longer wonder if people notice you or if the work you do every day matters. Your sense of self and confidence grows.

Its a cycle of positivity that continually reinforces your general mom awesomeness. *Self five!*

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In the meantime, tell me what you think - where on the spectrum of motherhood intuition are you? Share in the comments one way you think learning to be a highly intuitive mom would help you or your kids!

Peace, love, and power to moms,
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