Meditation For Busy Moms

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Mom and meditation are two words that don't usually go together. But moms need peace and relaxation too! I want you to know that there is a way to make it possible.

The benefits of meditation include:

  • Less stress. 
  • Improved concentration. 
  • Positive self-awareness. 
  • Mindfulness. 
  • Balance. 
  • Calm. 
  • Peace.

Moms need mediation too

Doesn't all that sound nice? I could use some extra relaxation in my day. But as a mom with two (very) young kids, finding quiet time to sit down and meditate is more fantasy than reality. As much as it hurts my little yogi heart to admit, I just don't meditate that much anymore.

A few years ago I discovered guided imagery meditation. My mentor taught a class on facilitating imagery meditation, and I fell in love! Basically, its a form of guided relaxation and visualization that allows you to get the benefits of meditation in a super fun way. I get excited to do a guided imagery "journey" and its something I look forward to.

Also, if you're a person who is easily distracted during meditation, I think guided imagery is a really great option. Because you have something to continually focus on and its not completely silent, its easier to stay focused. So, for someone like me who has a hard time tuning out mental noise, guided imagery is always my first pick of mediation.

The best part about guided imagery is how easy it is to do. All it requires is 10-20 minutes of quiet and some headphones. I know, I know, quiet time is non-existent, but my solution to that is to do it right before you fall asleep. Simply lay down, plug in, and press play and you are good to go. That's my kind of meditation.

Give it a try!

This sounds super amazing, right? Its definitely worth trying out. That's why today I am sharing a guided imagery journey I made just for you, mama! Just click here to access the 10 minute audio file.

A few notes on guided imagery: Do not listen to this audio recording while driving or operating heavy machinery. Additionally, this audio recording is to be used for entertainment purposes only and at your own risk. For questions about liability and my terms and conditions, please refer to my Legal Stuff page.

Tell me

Do you have a successful meditation practice? Its okay if not, but I'd love to hear your ideas!
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