In a world full of people, be yourself

Monday, January 29, 2018

There are definitely perks to being a blogger, one of them being you get to spoil yourself with photo shoots every few years. You'll probably see my new mugshots scattered through my website and social media profiles because I am in love! When I looked through my recent photos, I was thrilled that my photographer included some of my silly poses.

I used to hesitate sharing these kinds of shots because I felt I had to put on my "best face", which always meant professional. I mean, if I looked serious, people would take me seriously, right? Now, I'm like "whatever."

Perfectionism doesn't influence me like it used to. Where it used to cause me guilt and shame, it is now the catalyst for self-acceptance. Since becoming pretty adept at identifying perfection in my own life, I can't help but notice it in the world around me.

I've seen a certain quote become extremely popular lately. There's all kinds of  variations on the same theme. Maybe you've seen one of them?


Pinterest, coffee mugs, t-shirts all sport these sayings. The obsession spares no one - mystical creatures, flowers, food, and famous characters.

This quote is meant to be inspirational. I think its selling something.

Here's the thing. I am not a mermaid, cupcake, or a unicorn. I never will be. I am a person. I am me. I have two legs, a stomach that flows over the top of my pants, soft hands, and long, wavy hair. I am Channing.

More importantly, if I was a mermaid (which would be awesome!) then everyone else would be too. People are not weeds or flowers.

No one is more magical, more beautiful, or has more value than anyone else. What I most worry about subscribing to this ideal is this: someday, when I do something terribly unbecoming of a mermaid, I will look down at my two legs and feel like a failure.

Since I am not a mermaid, I must be a fish.

On the spectrum of perfection unicorns are at one end and horses on the other.

I like hanging out somewhere in the middle -

Equal parts magic and dirt.

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