February's Finds: Books, Podcasts, and more!

Friday, February 23, 2018

It was so fun to write the 2017's Life-Changing Finds post! I heard you saying, "More please!" so I decided to make a 'Finds' post more often than once a year. When I've accumulated an impressive enough list, I'll publish it. I mean, what's more awesome than finding more awesome in the world?

Before I get into the recommendations, I'd like to draw your attention to two very important things:
1. I've compiled the entire Notes on the Cycle of Faith series into a downloadable PDF for easier reading. Click here for the link and please share with anyone you feel would benefit from knowing they are not alone in their questions.
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Best Books:

1. The Birth of Pleasure by Carol Gilligan: If you've been following my Instagram stories or read part 4 of the Cycle of Faith Series, you'll know this book is now one of my forever favorites. My soul sis gave me this book for Christmas and once I started reading I couldn't stop. Gilligan uses the myth of Cupid and Psyche as a road map of the process of connection. With stories from her clinical research she shows that connection of the soul to self, then self to others, is essential for living in wholeness - both for society and individually.
2. Quotes for Nasty Women, Empowering Wisdom from Women Who Break the Rules; a fun little collection of sayings and quotes from women past and present. I picked this up at the library and always gives me a little snarkle (that's a snarky chuckle, for when I'm feelin' sassy) when I read it.
3. Reading People: How Seeing the World Through the Lense of Personality Changes Everything by Anne Bogel: As someone familiar with the MBTI personality typing method, I was fascinated to learn about the other typing methods out there! It is a surprisingly personable read and the concepts are easy to understand. Bogel also has a podcast, What Should I Read Next. I particularly enjoyed the episode How a Book Really Gets Made, where she outlined the entire process of getting her book published.
4. Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype by Clarissa Pinkola Estes: I went to check this out from the library and discovered there was a huge wait list for it. I was number 36. "How is this seemingly obscure book so popular?" I wondered, then discovered Emma Watson featured it in her feminist book club. That explains it! I wish I had discovered this before I read "Spinning Straw into Gold", which I recommended in my last Finds post. Its a similar concept but SO much easier to read and relate to. The myths and stories are uniquely beautiful and Estes' insights are poignant. This is a must read!
5. Walking with the Women of the Old Testament by Heather Farrell and Mandy Williams: This is a fresh look into the lives of the well-known biblical female figures. Farrell writes about not only the standard favorites like Eve, Sarah, Rachel, and Ruth, but goes to great lengths to include every.single.woman ever mentioned in the Old Testament. Each woman's story is meticulously woven together with biblical passage, additional historical information, and insights and application for lessons for the modern woman. As if that wasn't enough, every woman also has her own artwork! Williams features real women (I know some of them, those lucky ducks) dressed in historically accurate clothing and it is a beautiful thing to behold. Such a good resource for anyone interested in the stories of biblical women!

Perfect Podcasts:

1. RobCast, Episode 163 - Wisdom | She's All Around You
2. Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert Ep 202 - Make the Brutal Into the Beautiful ft. Brandon Stanton of HONY
3. A Thoughtful Faith Episode 217 - How Patriarchy Hurts Men and Boys with Wendy Christian
4. About Progress Episode 67 - Staying Strong Through Terminal Illness with Mandie Sherman
5. LDS Perspectives Podcast Ep 62 - The Christ Who Heals with Fiona Givens

Amazing Art and Articles

1. Stuck in a Rut? - A yoga teacher and psychologist shares her blueprint for transforming negative habits.
2. Want to perform a miracle?
3. Instructions on How to be a Moon Child
4. The Earth, What She is to Me
5. If you hang out with me for too long I'll brainwash you
6. Be One

Soul Songs

3. Edge of Desire - John Mayer

Take some time in the next while to check some of these resources out. WARNING: the books and podcasts may be especially life changing.

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